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Cruiser vs sportsbike
February 02, 2023
Sports Bikes vs. Cruisers – Which Bike Is the Best for You?

There seems to be a divide in the motorcycle world regarding two different types of bikes: sports bikes or cruisers. Attached to the clichés are the opinions that one is better than the other, when in fact all motorcycles are great – just for different reasons. Therefore, bikers have to ask themselves: Why do I […]

Save Fuel With Your Ride
October 25, 2022
5 Simple Ways You Can Save Fuel With Your Ride

Anyone who commutes daily usually has a good understanding of how high the gas prices are today. Even with recent price cuts made by the government, you’ll be lucky to get gas under $1.50/litre. Luckily if you’re on a motorcycle you’re already doing better than most, as motorcycles tend to be much better with gas […]

Top Ontario Motorcycle Ride Routes
August 22, 2022
8 Amazing Motorcycle Routes You Have to Try in Ontario

Riders Plus Insurance recently ran a competition on our Facebook page asking riders from around Ontario to tell us about their favourite route in the province! We received a lot of great responses from the community, from highway treks to back road adventures- there are hundreds of incredible places to ride in the province. We’ve […]

September 17, 2021
Considering Motorcycle Camping? Here are some tips to get you started

The first time I went moto-camping, I pulled into my campsite and started gathering firewood. A lady from a neighbouring campsite wandered over and, in the process of telling me that I’m supposed to buy the firewood not gather it, she said something that struck me at the time: “My husband is so jealous!” Okay, […]

Preparing for a multi-day motorcycle trip.
August 13, 2021
Preparing For A Multi-Day Motorcycle Trip

As you become a more seasoned moto-traveller you’ll find ways to become more efficient with packing and smarter with your money and time. But, when you’re starting out on your first few trips, it can be overwhelming to prepare everything you need. Travelling by bike requires an adequate level of minimalism, and just a bit […]

riders before winter comes
October 21, 2020
Make the Most out of Riding Before Winter Hits: 5 Fall Routes for the End of Riding Season

As the leaves provide us with an exceptional fall palette of colours, it becomes relatively abundant that we are nearing the end of our riding season. So how do we make the most of it? Well, ride the best roads, of course. Gear up as I talk about some great and memorable rides to hit […]

September 13, 2019
Getting Started with Moto-Camping

Moto-camping extends the freedom we get from riding. We get to spend more quality time with our bikes, cruise the open roads and explore the great outdoors. However, it does necessitate more planning and preparation than pulling up to a motel. A few wise decisions make the difference between enjoyment and misery. To help successfully […]

August 26, 2019
How to Prepare for Solo Motorcycle Travel

Solo travel epitomizes the heart and soul of motorcycle riding. Yet even seasoned riders shy away from it, until they’ve tried it. While it seems daunting to the uninitiated, a carefully thought-out initiation will make you wonder why you’ve waited. Travelling alone gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, when you want, and […]

motorcycle riding routes
July 12, 2019
Best Motorcycle Routes in Ontario – Part 2

Join us as we continue the countdown of the best motorcycle riding routes in Ontario. Make sure you don’t miss out on Part 1, as you can find plenty of amazing routes there too. So let’s start with the remaining 4: Dynamite Alley. You’ll want to ride this section of Ontario’s Highlands, and not just […]

motorcycle summer riding routes ontario
June 21, 2019
Best Motorcycle Routes in Ontario

Get ready for a summer of awesome riding in your own backyard. Choose as many of these prime destinations as you can fit in. Use the maps as a guideline and let your sense of adventure take you off the beaten path. Ontario is motorcycle-friendly and most local tourism associations have detailed area maps available […]

fall riding routes - Riders Plus Insurance
September 18, 2018
5 Ontario Fall Colour Rides

The challenge of finding a spectacular fall colour ride in Ontario isn’t finding a route. It’s deciding where—from the many prime destinations throughout the province—you’ll go. Here are a few outstanding loops to get you started. Use them as a guide and plan your distance according to your availability, comfort level, and interests. All have […]

group motorcycle riding - Riders Plus Insurance
August 08, 2018
RP Group Riding Tips
Posted in: Clubs & Groups

Group riding has its attractions. It’s a great social outing with others who have similar interests. You have others to share experiences, the stuff that makes stories. Special friendships develop within groups. There’s also a sense of security when the unexpected happens. But riding in close proximity with others, especially if you don’t know them, […]

January 15, 2018
Top Ten Motorcycle Travel Books to Read

Get ready for an extended cold snap! Stock your bookshelves with stories from authors who will ignite your wanderlust. By the time you’ve read these books, it will be time to get your motorcycle out and make your own memories. Ten Motorcycle Travel Books for Winter Reading 1. Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by […]

July 10, 2017
10 Best Routes for Riders in Ontario

10 Best Routes for Riders in Ontario It’s hard to define a best motorcycle route. Riding style, personal preference, and even your mood can affect the kind of riding you enjoy. Still, there’s no doubt Ontario is rife with prime riding roads that weave our diverse landscapes together. Whether you’re looking for a weekend trip […]

Lennox county
August 02, 2015
Where on Earth is Lennox and Addington County?

Friendliness isn’t merely a sign on the edge of town that says something like “We’re Darn Friendly”, it’s an attitude that starts with the residents, permeates the municipal government, and shines through as a habit of welcoming is developed. The County of Lennox and Addington website is packed with promising information for the motorcycle riders. In […]

kingston at night
May 12, 2014
Kingston, Ontario – A Capital Motorcycle Destination

Kingston, Ontario is the only city in the world that has a historic walking tour with a narrative by Don Cherry that you can download to your MP3 player right from the Kingston city website. We can just imagine it: “You kids out there, remember to guard your shorelines against the invading American hordes.” Speaking of […]

motorcycle riding winter insurance
January 06, 2013
Where to Ride Over the Winter?

A lot of Ontario motorcycle riders who have free time in the winter, perhaps semi-retired or retired, make winter trips to southern States where the riding is ideal at that time of year. There are endless resources to explore these options, from internet articles and websites to tour providers and, probably most reliable of all, […]

ottawa motorcycle riding
December 13, 2012
Ottawa, Ontario and Motorcycles

Let’s start with the Rideau Canal. In winter, anyone in Ottawa can skate for miles on the Rideau Canal, a truly remarkable and unique activity that is in itself worth a trip to this city. Excellent skiing opportunities exist within a short drive of the city, and there are some fantastic museums that are well […]

motorcycle camping
May 30, 2012
Motorcycles and Camping – The Perfect Match

A big part of camping’s appeal for many people is the planning that goes into a camping trip. Other people enjoy the endless variety of ingenious tools, gadgets, and other toys designed for campers. Still other folks simply throw together whatever they think they’ll need and settle in wherever they can legally pitch a tent. The beautiful part of it is […]

port dover riders plus
April 18, 2012
Port Dover Friday the 13th April 2012

When Jeff, the Riders Plus Marketing Rep, arrived in Port Dover around 9 am on Friday, the Thirteenth of April, 2012, the town was already beginning to fill up with motorcyclists and a few non-riding tourists. It didn’t take long before the floodgates opened and the town simply filled right to the rafters. By afternoon […]

spring motorcycle show 2013
March 19, 2012
International Spring Motorcycle Show 2012

One thing we can always predict is that the International Spring Motorcycle Show will be an event that is always worth the visit for Ontario motorcycle enthusiasts. We cannot, with any degree of accuracy, predict the weather for the weekend of the event, though. And since this show usually took place in April, it was […]

motorcycle travel ontario beaches
March 02, 2012
Motorcycle Travel to Ontario Beaches 2012

One of the best places to end up after a warm summer morning ride is a beach.After a long winter, nothing could be more attractive, even for those people who actually flew to a beach during the winter months. Ontario has a lot of excellent beach resorts that have everything you could wish for in […]

September 27, 2011
Riders Say Tomato in Leamington, Ontario

Ontario as a whole has a spectacular variety of scenic, overwhelmingly beautiful natural regions. Leamington is unique in a number of ways. Most notably, the town borders Point Pelee National Park, a wildlife refuge barely fifty kilometres south of Windsor, Ontario that has been a prime destination for bird watchers in particular for decades. Each spring […]

August 24, 2011
Collingwood and Wasaga Beach – Motorcycle Mecca

Motorcycle riders are brilliant strategists. They know that it is pure folly to go up Highway 400 on a Friday afternoon preceding a long weekend. There are countless roads that take a more meandering route up toCollingwood and Wasaga Beach, roads that pass through endlessly fascinating landscape. You never know what you will find on […]

riders against hunger ride
June 15, 2011
Riders Against Hunger August 20, 2011

The Riders Against Hunger Ride is a first-time poker run-style motorcycle charity ride in support of Eden Community Food Bank in Mississauga. It is open to all riders, clubs and makes of motorcycles. We are anticipating 100 bikers to participate in this first-time event. 100% of what the riders raise will go directly to purchasing and […]

June 07, 2011
1st Annual Ride for Dog Guides June 25, 2011
Posted in: Clubs & Groups

On June 25, 2011 motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to change the lives of Canadians with disabilities by participating in the first annual Ride for Dog Guides. The Ride consists of a poker run between Oakville and Breslau, Ontario. Registration for the Ride opens at 10 a.m. at Lions Foundation of Canada (152 Wilson Street) in […]

grand bend
May 30, 2011
Grand Bend, Ontario – Close to Home, Away From It All

A relatively short motorcycle ride from London, Ontario takes you to the little resort town of Grand Bend. This small town is big on amenities for visitors. The fine sand beach stretches as far as the eye can see, right through the neighbouring Pinery Provincial Park. The relatively calm expanse of Lake Huron provides the perfect opportunity to […]

port dover
May 09, 2011
Friday the 13th – May 13, 2011, Port Dover

It all started back in 1981. A young guy named Chris Simons and about 25 of his friends met up in Port Dover on Friday, November 13 at a local establishment. Like many groups of riders before them, they were inspired, but this time their inspiration was this: let’s get together here in town whenever […]

niagara falls - Riders Plus Insurance
April 26, 2011
Spring Weekend Ride to Niagara Falls

As the riding season coughs to life according to the whims of Mother Nature, many riders in Ontario are looking for that perfect little weekend getaway. Niagara Falls is, in so many ways, absolutely ideal. Breathtaking sights, a hospitality industry that can attend to any of your needs or wants, accessibility to Ontario’s largest population centres, […]

August 24, 2010
Aftermath – Friday the 13th in Port Dover

Friday the 13th – Aftermath An estimated 20,000 motorcycles and over 150,000 people converged on Port Dover, Ontario on Friday, August 13, 2010. This was the 50thtime that motorcyclists have met in Port Dover since the first event 30 years ago, the original event attracting all of 25 motorcyclists. The August 2010 event was the […]