Aftermath – Friday the 13th in Port Dover

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The much anticipated Port Dover Friday the 13th event has come and gone, leaving thousands of people with great memories of a day of fun. Thousands of motorcycle riders made the pilgrimage on Ontario roads, undeterred by the thought of huge crowds ahead. Once again, the motorcyclists who rode into town proved to the world that motorcyclists are an overwhelmingly friendly, sociable, and positive group of people.

Friday the 13th – Aftermath

An estimated 20,000 motorcycles and over 150,000 people converged on Port Dover, Ontario on Friday, August 13, 2010. This was the 50thtime that motorcyclists have met in Port Dover since the first event 30 years ago, the original event attracting all of 25 motorcyclists.

The August 2010 event was the best attended thus far. The weather was as close to perfect as is possible. The summer date meant that many people could arrange to be on vacation in order to attend as well. The party started on Thursday, with many riders coming in early to beat the rush.

The amazing thing about this event is that there are no tickets to be purchased, no set schedule to which you must adhere, and no organized timetable dictated by organizers. You simply show up, meet up with friends if you so desire, check out all the motorcycles and the people, eat, drink, and – if you wish – shop.

Motorcycles of every make, model, and year are always on hand. Cruisers large and small, from Harley Davidson and Suzuki toYamaha and Kawasaki, line the streets. Enduros and sport bikes,BMWs and Triumphs, sidecar and trike- kitted bikes of all kinds can be spotted. The town is a motorcycle lovers paradise on Friday the 13th, a visual feast and an unparalleled musical performance for those who love the roar of big V twins and the growl of inline high-performance bikes.

So clear your schedule for May 13, 2011. Odds are very good that that date will be highlighted on thousands of calendars across the continent. And after that? January 13, 2012 will be an event that will see significantly fewer motorcycles on the roads to Port Dover, but it will take quite a snowstorm to stop this hugely popular event from happening at all.

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