Collingwood and Wasaga Beach – Motorcycle Mecca

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The town of Collingwood has been a significant destination for vacationing motorcyclists for decades. Surrounded by beautiful cottage country, right in the shadow of Blue Mountain, and on the edge of crystal clear Georgian Bay, this town has evolved with the needs of travelling vacationers foremost in its economic focus. This town is a perfect spot to relax and to play, all year round. Best of all, this area is perfectly suited for both day trips or prolonged vacation stays for thousands of Ontario motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle riders are brilliant strategists. They know that it is pure folly to go up Highway 400 on a Friday afternoon preceding a long weekend. There are countless roads that take a more meandering route up toCollingwood and Wasaga Beach, roads that pass through endlessly fascinating landscape. You never know what you will find on the way: cool little restaurants that pop up, great bed and breakfast establishments, interesting shops, and more. The back road routes were designed specifically with motorcycle riders in mind, and Collingwood area is the perfect place to end up.

Where else would you encounter a concept such as The Apple Pie Trail? The Collingwood region is ideal apple growing country, so an autumn ride in this area with stops to sample fresh local apple pie jumps to the top of our to-do list. Lots of the local restaurants take advantage of local agricultural products such as apples to provide unforgettably satisfying fare.

Local motorcycle dealer J&R Cycle (in nearby Stayner, Ontario) is worth stopping in on during your ride. Their selection ofPolaris/Victory and Triumph motorcycles, accessories, clothing, etc., is worth looking over for some pretty decent deals (as of the time of writing this article, J&R Cycle had an incredible late summer sale going on…).

Just a few minutes south of Collingwood is a tiny village called Creemore. Yes, you are probably already familiar with one of this historical town’s famous landmarks: the smallest jail in North America. Oh, right, Creemore also happens to be home to one of the most well-known microbreweries in Ontario, the home of the Creemore Springs Brewery.

Collingwood, Ontario lies right in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. To the east lies the expanse of forest and water populated by the mass migration of Torontonians every summer weekend. The Bruce Peninsula with its recreational amenities and interesting towns both large and small lies just beyond the sizable town of Owen Sound to the west.

You will be amazed at the number of eating establishments in Wasaga Beach. This area has almost every franchise eatery you can think of, but the little one-off places thrive here as well: the spots that have great fish and chips, for example, and the excellent home made burger joints. Want Chinese food? No problem.

You can’t possibly be bored at Wasaga Beach. If you’re looking for something to do, they have paintball, personal watercraft rentals, and all kinds of fun stuff to do. You should definitely consider taking a tour of the Collingwood Scenic Caves as well because this impressive natural wonder is more than worth the time. If you want to hike or further explore the woods around the area, you can go on your own or take advantage of the professional tour providers in the area.

So for a can’t-fail motorcycle adventure over the Labour Day weekend (or any time), the Wasaga Beach and Collingwood area should definitely be on your short list of destinations. When you get back, let us know how your trip went in the Comments section below. Have a great trip!

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