5 Simple Ways You Can Save Fuel With Your Ride

Posted in: Destinations, Trips, & Rides | October 25, 2022

Anyone who commutes daily usually has a good understanding of how high the gas prices are today. Even with recent price cuts made by the government, you’ll be lucky to get gas under $1.50/litre. Luckily if you’re on a motorcycle you’re already doing better than most, as motorcycles tend to be much better with gas usage overall and if you’re just riding by yourself, you’ll likely be saving a lot of money on gas throughout the month compared to other four-wheeled motorists. There are however, a few things you can do to help save even more on gas throughout the summer months. We will talk about some of the simple things you can do with your bike to ensure you’re not wasting a drop of precious fuel on your next ride, and enjoying the open road to the fullest.

Check Your Tire Pressure:

This is something that every motorcyclist should get into the routine of doing- not just for saving fuel, but for safety too. Tire pressure can affect your handling on wet and dry surfaces, how quickly the tire wears and of course, your fuel consumption. Flat, lumpy tires rolling down the road increase resistance, and require more work from your engine to push you forward. Ensure that your pressure is within the recommended specs of the motorcycle owner’s manual, and ride on!

Keep Your Speed Consistent:

This simple trick can make a big difference- slow down. Especially while on the highway, it’s beneficial for your fuel consumption to keep your speed consistent and don’t go over the speed limit. When you’re flying down the 401 (if that’s even possible today), hitting the gas then immediately braking, you’re using much more fuel to reach higher speeds, only to slow down again soon after. Not only is this a great general rule for safety but it will allow you to get the most out of your tank. On top of keeping to the speed limit, it’s a good idea to practise smooth throttle movement- jerking and winding up the throttle constantly only increases fuel consumption and offers no gain in riding overall.


Lube your chain, and replace your fluids, these are small and simple things that can make a large impact on how well your machine runs. Lubing your chain will not only allow for smoother riding but also keep your chain and sprockets from premature wear. Doing an oil change on a more regular basis can also be very beneficial to how well your engine runs. Oil changes can also give insight into how your engine is wearing- if you see many metal flakes it may be a sign that your engine is experiencing more wear than normal and should be looked at.

Use the Appropriate Fuel:

It seems obvious, but use the recommended fuel for your motorcycle. Using the proper fuel can help your consumption and always keep your engine running properly. Higher octane fuels allow the combustion temperature to stay cool, however, if you are using a fuel that has too much octane for your motorcycle it may hurt your fuel consumption overall.

Replace Your Air Filter:

Make sure that your air filter is clean, over the summer season your air filter will collect various debris such as dust, bugs, and other air toxins throughout the season. A clean air filter will allow the optimal amount of air into your combustion ratio with your fuel, allowing for the most efficient fuel consumption for your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Fuel Tank

As you get on your bike for your next ride consider keeping count of how many kilometres you can get out of your tank of fuel, it’s good to keep track especially if you have started following up on these easy tips to help with the consumption of fuel. Over the year, if you notice that number dropping, it may be a sign your ride is becoming less fuel efficient. We all want our Harleys, Hondas, BMWs and Scouts to last as long as possible- a real rider will go the extra mile to take care of his bike.

Remember these are all very simple things you can do to help save money the next time you have to stop at the pump to fill up. Aside from these, you can also look at any additional weight on your bike that may hinder you such as saddle bags or racks that you may not be using daily. Lastly, remember to ride smart, keep your speed down, and don’t idle your machine for long periods while stopped unless necessary.

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