Best Motorcycle Routes in Ontario – Part 2

Posted in: Destinations, Trips, & Rides | July 12, 2019

Join us as we continue the countdown of the best motorcycle riding routes in Ontario. Make sure you don’t miss out on Part 1, as you can find plenty of amazing routes there too. So let’s start with the remaining 4:

Dynamite Alley. You’ll want to ride this section of Ontario’s Highlands, and not just for its provocative name! Mega amounts of dynamite were detonated blasting through the Precambrian rock to open the roads you’re riding on. Sense the energy of millions of years of life as you pass through striated rock cuts. Marvel at the many lakes that dot its surface and dip your toes in their clear waters. Get off your bike at scenic lookouts to take in the wilderness early peoples and later road builders had to find a way through. Enjoy the roads that twist and turn through sparsely populated areas. Map:

Deer Trail. When you see places with names like Iron Bridge and Serpent River, you know you’re headed for rugged wilderness. This remote route takes you back to ancient times and the land of natural resources—stunning vistas, waterfalls, and boreal forests. Much of the route runs along a beautiful northern river. The waters of Lake Huron can sparkle like a billion diamonds or crash against the shore with unleashed energy. Bucolic sections are peaceful and calming. A ride that refreshes body, mind, and spirit. Map:

Westport and area. Surrounded by outstanding riding in all directions, the Village of Westport on the Rideau Canal system is an ideal weekend riding destination. Originally called Manhards Mills for the sawmill and grist mill built in the late 1820s, the downtown core has been preserved as it was in the 19th century. Its heritage intrigues and the riding exhilarates. Take off in any direction and you’re guaranteed a thrilling ride. Make sure to ride up to Spy Rock, atop Foley Mountain for spectacular views from its scenic lookouts. Map:

Explore the Bruce. Many riders pass through on the way to catch the Chi-Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island and beyond without realizing “the Bruce” merits an invigorating destination on its own. Lighthouses, built in the mid 1800s, dot both shorelines. Expansive sandy beaches and waterfront views of Lake Huron grace the west side. On the east, waves of Georgian Bay crash against a rocky coastline. Tucked into its boundaries are two National Parks, eight Ontario Parks, and four Federation of Ontario Naturalists Parks. Ride across the rolling countryside of the Bruce and experience its best—beaches, forests, rocks, and forests. Map:

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