8 Amazing Motorcycle Routes You Have to Try in Ontario

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Riders Plus Insurance recently ran a competition on our Facebook page asking riders from around Ontario to tell us about their favourite route in the province! We received a lot of great responses from the community, from highway treks to back road adventures- there are hundreds of incredible places to ride in the province. We’ve compiled our favourites down below to share with you, so you can enjoy the freedom of the open road in an all-new way. Take a look, and share with your riding partners so you can plan your next big trip!

A big thank you to all who participated in the Share Your Route contest, and congratulations to Daryll O’Keefe for winning our $200 Ultimate Dinner gift card! We really appreciate your great entries- it’s amazing to see the riding community come together to create a list like this one! With that, here are 8 amazing riding routes in Ontario you just have to try:

1. Niagara Parkway

South Ontario – 30 minutes

Running right along the Canadian side of the Niagara River in Fort Erie, the Niagara Parkway is a stunningly scenic ride for anyone in southern Ontario. Passing through several villages along the river, it sets riders north towards St. George, which has a host of attractions such as a nature conservatory, and a number of museums.

Moving south, riders will find themselves in downtown Niagara, giving them a chance to visit casinos, shops, and the iconic falls themselves. Many affluent figures claim this is one of the most calming and visually captivating drives in Ontario, and it has been called one of the oldest roads in Ontario.

Niagara parkway

Niagara Parkway along Niagara River between Fort Erie and Niagara Falls


2. Highway 6 to Port Dover

Southwest Ontario – 5 hours

For those who live around Highway 6, whether you’re from Brantford, Kitchener, Guelph, Hamilton, or a nearby town, you’ll know well just how long and expansive Highway 6 can be. It runs north and south along the southwest side of the province and is one of the longest highways in the region.

You can start anywhere along this route, but for truly dedicated riders we suggest beginning in or around Tobermory and making your way south. It’s a sizeable 5-hour ride, but with few stops and plenty of hamlets to visit along the way, it can make for the trip of a lifetime.

Highway 6 to port dover

Port Dover, with views of the beach, townscape, and water tower


3. Sault St. Marie to Thunder Bay

South/Central Ontario – 8 hours

This route is one for the truly adventurous sort- a full 8-hour trek through the southern and western roads of Ontario. The trip essentially goes around the entire Canadian half of Lake Superior and features stunning views along the shoreline.

Using the Trans-Canada Highway, riders can see a number of provincial parks, old-style general stores, and scenic natural views. We recommend checking out this article for a more comprehensive list of places to visit on your journey, keeping in mind that they will extend your 8-hour drive to a longer trip.

Sault st marie to thunder bay

Trans Canada highway along Lake Superior


4. Waterloo to Parry Sound

South Ontario – 10 hours

The winner of our contest Daryll O’Keefe submitted this one- thanks again Daryll! He states it is an “epic 700km ride on my little GSX S750. 10 hours saddle time. No major highways. Musk oak Rd 13, Tallyho Swords Road, etc.” It certainly sounds like a great trip to take on a solid bike.

This is definitely one route for those who love the backroads. With no major highways, you can get a real authentic look at the province, with none of the traffic. Enjoy the fields, the fresh open air, and the feeling of the open road with your riding buddies as you fly through the heart of Ontario with this great route. Heading to Parry Sound and back will net you 10 whole hours of time in the saddle, so definitely plan to go on a day with good weather, and strong riders.

Waterloo to parry sound

Parry Sound wharf


5. Georgian Bay Circle tour

South Ontario – 7-14 days, with stops

Another popular motorcycle-centric route, the Georgian Bay Circle tour takes riders around one of Ontario’s largest bodies of water outside of the Great Lakes. There are a number of amazing spots to visit on this 1400km ride, ranging from ferry rides to restaurants, visiting historical sites and giant coins- there are even a few opportunities to canoe or kayak!

When you’re planning for a major trip like this one, you’ll want to make sure your ride is properly insured ahead of time. Riders Plus Insurance can get you the best rates on motorcycle, home, and auto insurance, so give our representatives a call before you head out! We’re seriously the best in the business- we know motorcycles, and our customers love us, with 4000+ Google reviews and an average rating of 4.9 stars! We want to help beat your premium, so give us a call or try our online quoter here. Thanks!

Georgian bay circle tour

Cliff Formations overlooking the Georgian Bay


6. Lake Erie to Wheatley Provincial Park

Deep Southern Ontario – 6 hours

Following the shoreline, you can take a nice trip from anywhere in Ontario to the southernmost tip of the province, travelling around Lake Erie to Wheatley Provincial Park for a stunning getaway! This little nook of the province offers great beach areas, a number of hamlets, and plenty of wide-open, relatively trafficless roads to explore.

Lake Erie has many routes in and around Wheatley Provincial Park for solo riders or groups alike. It is definitely worth planning a trip to, so grab a map and some friends, pick a solid spot for lunch, and get out on the road!

Lake erie to wheatley provincial park

Stunning view of Lake Erie in Port Stanley


7. Goderich to Midland

Southwest Ontario – 7 hours

This route has many variations, all of which take you through the quaint town of Goderich and the hilly suburbs of Midland. Located on the south and north sides of Lake Huron respectively, these little towns will capture your heart as you ride through farmlands, around lakes, and across rivers. For a calming, easy journey, we’d recommend this one.

Great for when you need to get your mind off of the world and just ride, this getaway makes for a solid trip when you bring a small group of 1 or 2 other rides along. While it isn’t the thunderous trailblazing adventure other items on this list may be, it brings a sense of serenity that you’ll be hard-pressed to find on busier roads.

Goderich to midland

Female motorcyclist with her motorcycle standing near the lake


8. Sault St. Marie to Wawa

Central Ontario – 3 hours

Travelling straight through Lake Superior Provincial Park, this trip is one for the nature-lovers. There is an abundance of beautiful, scenic spots on this relatively short 3-hour trip, giving you plenty of photo opportunities and nooks to make camp. For a large portion of the trip, you travel right alongside Lake Superior, giving you gorgeous views of shimmering waters and assorted wildlife.

While this trip is great as an escape from the city, it doesn’t have the hamlets or towns the others do, so don’t expect to find many gas stations along your route. Fuel up and bring the essentials- everyone knows a good rider is always prepared.

Sault st marie to wawa

Lake Superior Provincial Park


Strong and Free!

As you can see, there are a myriad of amazing routes to travel along in Ontario! We definitely encourage you to take a look at the options above keeping in mind: the distance from your home, time, attractions, and party size. Some routes are going to be better to travel with a larger group, while others you may want to go at solo. One thing is for sure – Ontario is a great place to ride, so get out there and revel in the freedom of the open road!

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