Thank You BAD Ride 14 Supporters!

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BAD Ride 14 has become an accomplished fact of history now. Everyone who raised money, participated in the ride, volunteered to help with the endless tasks involved in making the ride a success, can feel an enormous sense of satisfaction for their contribution. The 2011 version of the ride continued the tradition of generosity that is part of being a member of the Ontario motorcycle riding community.

Thank You B.A.D. Ride 14 Supporters!

Sunday, May 29th 2011—what a day it was! Despite rain in the forecast and a damp beginning for some, by the time motorcyclists arrived at the start venue, the day had evolved into perfect riding weather. This year, because of the fortunately incorrect weather predictions, we’re counting a mix of participants. Lots rode; some joined us in cars; others met up with us at the rest stop in Pefferlaw or came right to the after-ride party at the Markham Fairgrounds. In total, approximately 900 vehicles registered, raising $175,000!

The B.A.D. Ride is the financial lifeline for the Distress Centres, spending 100% of the monies raised by riders on the delivery of life-sustaining support services for the vulnerable and at risk. Every dollar donated strengthens the emotional safety net for them, 24 hours a day, every day! So, we salute our participants and the sponsors whose generosity makes it possible for riders to fundraise with confidence. We are especially grateful to our top three fundraisers, who this year raised a combined $35,000: Mark Ludwig (first place), Bob Redinger (second place) and Adam Fillier (third place). You guys rock—and roll!

A delighted Mark Ludwig was the winner of this year’s Grand Prize 2011 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob. He received a standing ovation when his ticket was drawn—Mark has raised almost $70,000 for B.A.D. Ride in the last three years!

Pictures from the Hooter’s Tent will be posted on our website over the next several weeks. Check them out.

Be B.A.D. All Over

Don’t forget to pack your B.A.D. Ride 14 t-shirt with you on your travels this summer. Take a picture of you in your shirt in some unusual setting or unique situation/place. Be one of our three winners and enjoy some great prizes. The winning picture will be included in an upcoming issue of Motorcycle Mojo. Contest details and the submission process are on the BAD Ride Website. Make this year’s t-shirt your signature look throughout this vacation season.

See you at B.A.D. Ride 15 on Sunday, May 27, 2012. Who doesn’t like an anniversary!

Safe Riding!

Distress Centres & The B.A.D. Ride Team

Toronto Distress Centre Website

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