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Posted in: Rider Training and Safety | September 08, 2020

Have you gotten the bug for motorcycling? If so, you’ll know that it’s a life-long affair of love; If not, I hope you soon catch the bug and realize how enriched your life can be with the addition of a motorcycle. Motorcycling is not only addictive, empowering and inspires freedom, but it also opens up your life to a whole new world in more than a few ways. There are many reasons why people ride, below are just a few of my revelations about the hard-to-shake love for motorcycles. 

Seek freedom

There’s a certain sense of freedom you gain from motorcycles on the open road that you can’t get anywhere else. Just yourself, the sound of the engine and your thoughts is how life should be lived. Whether you’ve had a bad day, week, month or year, riding a motorcycle will flip your mood with just a quick flick of the throttle. Having no other distractions and just focusing on the road and ride can have a profound effect on your mood and health.

Keep yourself healthy

Motorcycling is very good for your mental health… it’s been proven! In 2019 a study released by three researchers at UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour concluded that riding a motorcycle decreased hormonal biomarkers of stress, increased heart rate and adrenaline levels, enhanced sensory focus and increased alertness. Throughout the study, 50 motorcyclists were tested while riding, driving and resting and found that motorcycling provided far greater benefits.

Find your community 

Once you become a motorcyclist you open your doors to an international community of like-minded people. Whether you enjoy social interaction or steer away from large crowds, you become part of an incredibly diverse community that all speak the same language; motorcycle. 

When you’re not feeling social you can put on your helmet and ride, when you feel like being around others there’s most likely a rally, group ride, or a couple riding buddies willing to hang out at any given time. 

motorcycle community

Gain awareness 

Riding a motorcycle will make you a better driver. It’s been proven (as stated above) by the UCLA that motorcycling makes you far more aware of your surroundings, stimulates and heightens your senses and increases your overall alertness. Not to mention the obscenely obvious fact that you will not be a distracted driver while riding a motorcycle. You cannot eat food, drink coffee, or check your pesky phone while on your bike. Giving you a nice needed break to truly enjoy nothing else but the open road, or dusty trail; depending on your preference.

motorcycle gain awareness

Feel the empowerment 

There is nothing like riding down the street and watching heads turn to see the beautiful stead you’re riding. Putting on your gear in the morning knowing you are a small portion of the population that can enjoy something so unique is confidence-inspiring. We all deserve to feel like the incredibly special people we are, and motorcycling helps achieve that confidence as soon as you hit the ignition button. 

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  1. by Luke Smith | June 7, 2022 в 10:46 pm | Reply

    I find it interesting that riding a motorcycle could actually be good for your mental health. I was stuck in traffic yesterday and I couldn’t help but notice how the motorcycle riders were able to weave around the traffic. I think motorcycles are quite convenient to ride, so I’ll probably try to stop by a Kawasaki dealer later and look at their selection.

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