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Posted in: Motorcycle Maintenance | May 12, 2010


The technologically minded, as well as the thorough and careful bike owner, will find articles in the Riders Plus website that will keep them reading. We encourage your feedback as well. We hope you are enlightened, educated, and even entertained.

In any sport, the proper maintenance and repair of equipment is absolutely critical to both the safety and the enjoyment of that sport. Motorcycle enthusiasts are aware of the need to keep their bikes properly maintained, and they have a lot of resources to help them do so.

Trying to research and find all of the important issues related to the maintenance of your bike can be a daunting task. For many riders, this activity is a large part of the fun; the actual mechanics of the machine are extremely fascinating to them. Reading articles and manuals about the maintenance of one’s bike is a very good exercise, much like reading articles about health and fitness is valuable to the maintenance of one’s body. However, just as it is important to visit a doctor regularly, it is also important that riders have their bikes properly maintained by a trained and skilled motorcycle mechanic.

The proper maintenance of a motorcycle is not something that can be done haphazardly or with anything less than complete thoroughness and skill. The condition of the tires and chain, for example, are extremely important. Getting a flat tire on a bike while riding is likely to have much more serious consequences than getting a flat tire on a car.

Ontario motorcycle dealerships are remarkably focused on providing great service to their customers. Besides oil changes and other mechanical maintenance services, dealerships often also provide winter storage for motorcycles. Very important maintenance procedures are involved in preparing a motorcycle for winter storage, as well as in preparing the bike to go back on the road in the spring. Often the dealership will provide these services as well. Improper winter storage can result in a lot of problems such as dead batteries and fuel issues.

The new Riders Plus website will include articles on motorcycle maintenance from experts. Contributing articles will come from dealers, mechanics, technical writers from some of the most prominent motorcycle publications in Canada, and as many other reliable, competent sources as possible. We hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful and informative.

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