Winter Motorcycle Rider Blues

Posted in: Events and News | March 01, 2017


Yes, Ontario motorcycle riders, we know that most of you are not riding at this time of year. We know that no amount of daydreaming can make up for the decker being covered and winterized. What can a dyed-in-wool rider who is going snaky looking at his or her motorcycle sitting immobile in the garage possibly be positive about? What good can be conjured up in this frigid expanse of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures? Well, we’ve got some valid points to make that will go a little ways toward soothing your frayed non-riding nerves, and we’re sure you’ll agree in the end that it ain’t all that bad.

Yes, Ontario, we have a few more weeks of snow and ice to look forward to before we can see a semblance of decent riding weather again. Here’s an idea that will take your mind off the fact that your not riding AND give you things to do that will help take your mind off not riding. Ok, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we can offer at this point, so here goes…

1. Call your motorcycle insurance broker and review your Optional Accident Benefits coverage. Ok, maybe not the thrill-a-minute you were looking for, but a necessary exercise that you’ll feel really good about once you’ve done it. And it’s not cutting into your riding time right now either, right?

2. Go to your local motorcycle show. The Toronto Motorcycle Springshow Proudly Presented by Riders Plus Insurance for example, on March 25 and 26, 2017, will be an event you simply can’t miss. These shows just keep on getting better every year, so mark that off on your calendar as a medium-term goal that will help to sustain you.

3. Go south. No, further south than St Catharines; we’re thinking somewhere like Florida. Rent a motorcycle. Ride.

4.   Go to your local Harley Davidson dealer and buy a Harley Davidson Monopoly game to play with your kids. Or with your riding buddies who are going as snakey as you are.

5. Go to any of your local motorcycle dealers. Chat with the salespeople; ask them whatever you want to ask. They have deals, and you’re in a perfect position to get a great deal… on anything they sell. Buy a new helmet, or new gloves.

6. Stop looking at the calendar. The days pass at exactly the same rate as they did during the riding season. It only seems like the batteries in your clock have died.

7. Sign up for a Rider Training Course that’s suited to your level of experience. Do it now, while there’s no lineups or waiting queues. Then mark it on your calendar and wait… By the way, note that many of the rider training courses in Ontario will be at the Toronto Motorcycle Springshow (Proudly Presented by Riders Plus Insurance), and the cost of Advanced courses is really quite low for those of you who aren’t beginners.

8. Everyone else might be all cheerful and happy, looking out at the snow and the colourful decorations and lights… so try not to use bad language in front of the children as the number of days until you can ride again dawns on you.

9. If you store your motorcycle in your garage, and if your garage is heated… get out there and detail it. Ok, detail it again, or just dust it off since you haven’t done that since last night.

10. Post a picture of your motorcycle on your Facebook page so your friends can see what your loved one looks like.

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