The Mammoth Motorcycle Show

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As we all suspected, the North American International Motorcycle Supershow delivered on its promise to be all things to all motorcyclists. A huge variety of vendors combined with picture perfect weather to entice a gargantuan crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts. The mood of everyone involved ranged from happy to ecstatic; many vendors ran out of incredibly well-priced product time and again, and the masses of riders just kept on coming back for more…

All three days, Friday January 6, 2012 through Sunday, January 8, 2012, were warm, dry, and mostly sunny. The unseasonably springlike weather was unquestionably a factor in drawing the huge crowds of motorcycle enthusiasts, many of whom came from the farthest reaches of Ontario and beyond. These show attendees came expecting to be impressed, entertained, and enticed with excellent deals on anything and everything from motorcycles and accessories to motorcycle-friendly electronics and meat products (yes, the trade in pepperettes and salamis was brisk indeed). Very few of the attendees could have claimed they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Rider training schools including the Rider Training Institute,Humber College, Sheridan College, and Learning Curves were all busily chatting and signing up students for spring classes. Motorcycle publications such as Motorcycle Mojo, Riders Quest, and Inside Motorcycles had great deals on new subscriptions and took advantage of the opportunity to chat with riders.

Many years ago, the motorcycle manufacturers under the umbrella MMIC (Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council) were the central focus of the International Centre Show. So when they split off to produce their own show at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto, there was a bit of a gap. However, over the years Ontario motorcycle dealerships have provided the variety and quantity of new (and used) motorcycles to such an extent that it was quite rare to find anything missing from the International Centre Show. So it was exciting to see both Kawasaki and Honda attend the International Show officially as manufacturer vendors this year; hopefully they will be joined by the rest in future shows.

All of the major motorcycle manufacturers were very well represented by their dealers, however.Harley Davidson had a wide selection of models in their area and were represented by Jacox and Davies.

As always, Riders Plus Insurance had a booth in order to see and be seen. This year the booth featured big, bold lettering that stated “Bike Insurance – It’s All We Do.” Talking to current, past and future clients is always both interesting and important. Interesting because it’s a great opportunity to catch up on news and gossip; important because the feedback we get helps to determine what clients think is most important to their needs, what the trends are, etc.

There are lots more motorcycle shows to go in 2012, as well as a seemingly endless list of events to attend and help promote. Hope to see you all at some point!

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