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Garage sales offer you a wide variety of interesting items at a cost of, essentially, just the time it takes you to sift through everything.  Online motorcycle blogs are a lot like that; if you browse patiently, you’ll find lots of interesting sites that come at motorcycling from every possible angle.

With the advent of the internet and the increasingly easy-to-use, widely available tools provided by such web logging ( or “blogging”) sites as Blogspot or WordPress, a blogging craze erupted for a few years. Everyone and his dog had a blog (yes, there were a lot of dog-written blogs, too many in some people’s views). Sorting through to find the interesting/entertaining/informative ones can be a bit of challenge, but that’s what Google Search is for, right?

One of the cool things about the motorcycle blogging community is that there is a real sense of sharing among many of the bloggers. They love to read each other’s posts and see each other’s pictures for a lot of reasons. They learn from each other, motivate and amuse each other, and often provide some excellent information to their fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. For example, the All Motorcycle Blogs page provides a list of interesting motorcyce blogs, many of which are definitely worth following.

blogs for bikersOne of the blogs listed on that page, Find Me on the Road, is a good example of a typical blog for a number of reasons. The posts are relatively brief and well-written, perfect for a quick read. The author is clearly enthused about riding, and that enthusiasm comes across clearly in the posts. And there are lots of very interesting pictures throughout the posts. Unlike many bloggers, this one is unusually regular about posting new articles. Often you encounter blogs that have a cluster of articles from one month and then nothing for months on end, quite natural when you consider that these people usually aren’t motivated by income to post regularly.

Another gem of a blog that we found is called Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist. You need to set aside a fair amount of time for this one, though, because it is absolutely loaded with content. However, the quality of the writing is good, the pictures are good, and there’s a nice mix of technical talk and travel discussion.

blogs for bikersYou will, of course, find that there are endless numbers of blogs that started with the best of intentions and clearly have been abandoned. There are also many very enthusiastic bloggers whose writing skills and attention to grammatical fundamentals are lacking to varying degrees. After all, the blogosphere is a democracy with no editorial mandates, so you get what you pay for as a reader.

So go ahead and search out the blog gems when you get a chance. And if you find any of particular interest – or if you have a blog of your own – please share it with the rest of the motorcycle community by introducing it in the Riders Plus Forum.

Hey, if you have your own blog and you would like one of your posts reprinted in the Riders Plus Articles section of our website, and thereby gain lots of free exposure to your blog, please email info@ridersplus.comto get that conversation going. Happy reading!

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