The Garmin Zumo 660 is a GPS Plus

Posted in: Products and Gear | October 26, 2010


So what’s so special about these GPS units? Read on; we think you’ll be inclined to consider asking for one to show up under your Christmas tree (and if you also win one from Riders Plus, your Christmas shopping for one of your motorcycle rider friends will be done as well!)

The designers of this GPS unit ride motorcycles as well, and the amount of detailed thought they put into its design proves that point. For example, the intuitive interface is glove-friendly, with large buttons and left-sided controls. The bright 4.3-inch touchscreen is designed to be read easily in either bright sunlight or less bright moonlight.
Like much of the newest technology out there, the unit is ready to go right out of the box, preloaded with City Navigator NT street maps and millions of points of interest that are both interesting and necessary (motels, restaurants, gas stations, etc). 3-D building view and lane assist help you anticipate where to be when you’re preparing to turn.

The Bluetooth availability of the unit allows you to call Points of Interest from your wireless synced helmet headset, for example; you can also pair it to your cellphone. Spoken street names functionality also goes through your Bluetooth connection for further ease of navigation.

Want to listen to your favourite tunes or an audiobook? The MP3 player on the unit allows this with crisp clean sound. So many functions in one 9.5-ounce unit designed specifically for your motorcycle. You can even download your pictures into it.

The micro SD card expansion allows you to increase memory, load routes between your computer and the Zumo 660, download your rides on Google Earth, and share your rides with your friends…

And in the winter, or if you’re loading up the kids in the car for a vacation road trip, simply take advantage of the fact that the Zumo 660 can be mounted in your car as well (power cord, carrying case, vehicle mount and, obviously, motorcycle mount, all included).

The price for the Zumo 660 is extremely reasonable; check it out at Radioworld. And have a safe, technologically advanced ride!

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