Four Reasons to Take The M2 Exit Course

Posted in: Rider Training and Safety | April 25, 2016


The Rider Training Institute’s Michel Mersereau has been very active – and very effective – in articulating the cause of safe riding for Ontario’s motorcycle community. RTI provides numerous safety and motorcycle licencing courses for Ontario motorcycle riders of all levels of expertise and experience, so they have a depth of knowledge and experience that is extremely constructive for all of us to tap into. In this article, Michel points out some very clear reasons for riders who need to take the M2 Exit road test to go through a rider training course provider (RTI would be an excellent choice, check their locations) to do so.

1) Real-time training in real-world traffic

Bad habits can creep into the riding routines of the most avid riders. Regardless of the amount of saddle time you’ve logged during your time as an M2 licensee, one-to-one feedback from a trained professional will help to ensure you’re on the right path toward becoming a lifetime rider.

2) Nobody like surprises

Did you know that 1/4 of the errors on the M licensing road test are observational? You’re probably an observant motorcyclist as it is. What may surprise you is how many riders simply don’t look at the right thing at the right time. Receiving the proper training can help those critical observation tactics become instinctive.

3) Training for motorcyclists by motorcyclists

Booking your road test at the MTO may save you some money, but you should consider the long-term costs of moving on to the next stage of your riding career without immediate, practicable feedback from an experienced professional. Every M2 Exit course is led by friendly, seasoned riders who appreciate that motorcyclists face unique challenges car drivers don’t. Can you afford not to take advantage of a real-world learning opportunity when it comes to your riding career?

4) A great day of riding with a great group

You know you have to take the M2 exit test so why not enjoy yourself for the day with a small group of like-minded, enthusiastic riders? Reduce stress and test anxiety while building a great relationship with your instructor/examiner… someone who is guaranteed to be as avid a motorcyclist as you are. Every M2 exit licensing course is limited to a maximum of 4 students. This ensures each participant receives the one-to-one, personalized feedback they deserve while enjoying a fantastic day on the road. When was the last time you got that at a government facility?

Riders Plus Insurance recognizes that motorcycle rider training is a key component to improved motorcycle handling skills, and we have structured our motorcycle insurance rates to reflect this fact. We provide exceptional motorcycle insurance rates and discounts upon evidence of successful completion of an approved motorcycle rider training course.

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