Accident Benefits

Provides insurance benefits that you and other insured persons are entitled to receive if injured or killed in a motorcycle (automobile) accident. These insurance benefits include: income replacement for those who have lost income; payments to non-earners who suffer complete inability to carry on a normal life; payment of care expenses to persons who cannot continue to act as a primary caregiver for a member of their household; payment of medical, rehabilitation and attendant care expenses; payment of certain other expenses; payment of funeral expenses and payments to survivors of a person who is killed. You may also purchase optional insurance benefits to increase the basic level of accident benefits provided in your motorcycle insurance policy.

 It’s really important that you read the details of your coverages very carefully because Standard policy Accident Benefits coverages may be inadequate to varying degrees depending on the severity of injuries incurred and other factors. Ensure that your policy meets your requirements, and let Riders Plus Insurance customer service staff advise you on the implications of your choices. The optional benefits that your automobile/motorcycle insurance policy offers are:

Increased Income Replacement – the basic level of income replacement provided in the insurance policy ($400 per week maximum) can be increased by purchasing optional increased insurance coverage so that the weekly limit is up to $600, $800 or $1000. All income replacement benefits are based on 70% of your net weekly income.

Increased Caregiver and Dependant Care – caregiver benefits for care expenses of persons who are not employed but care for dependants (up to $250 per week for the first person needing care, and $50 per week for every additional person) can be purchased as optional coverage. Dependant care can also be purchased to cover additional weekly dependant care expenses of $75 for the first dependant, and $25 for each additional dependant up to $150 per week.

Increased Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care – The Standard Benefit for Medical, Rehabilitation, and Attendant Care will be a combined limit of $65,000, and Catastrophic Impairment will be $1,000,000 (also combined). The Optional Increase limit will be $130,000 for non-catastrophic situations and an optional $1,000,000 Catastrophic limit increase to bring the total to $2,000,000 (also combined).

Increased Death and Funeral – The basic level of death benefits paid to the surviving spouse or surviving same-sex partner and dependant of a person who is killed ($25,000 to surviving spouse or surviving same-sex partner; $10,000 to surviving dependant) can be doubled by purchasing this optional coverage. This insurance coverage also increases the basic funeral expense benefit from $6,000 to $8,000.

Indexation Benefit – This optional insurance coverage will ensure that certain weekly insurance benefit payments and monetary limits will increase on an annual basis to reflect changes in the cost of living.


As of June 1, 2016.

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